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Please visit our dedicated Low Vision Center website here: http://www.lowvisioncenter.com/

Gentle Vision Shaping System

Did you know that there are special retainer lenses which can be worn like contact lenses overnight to gently reshape the cornea and correct vision while you sleep? The Gentle Vision Shaping System (overnight orthokeratology) is appropriate for nearsighted patients as young as 6 years old.

Laser Vision Correction

For many patients, the idea of permanent vision correction is appealing. Our doctors take time to understand your visual needs and recommend the most appropriate procedure for each individual. Although we do not perform surgery, we work closely with the best surgeons in the area to provide great outcomes for our patients.

Low Vision

Our  office features a "Low Vision Center" where we work with people who have lost vision from eye diseases like macular degeneration, diabetes and glaucoma. Through the use of magnification and digital technology, we help people with low vision maintain their independence and continue to do the things they enjoy.

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